About Company

Welcome to Sonar Trade

Sonar Trade Limited - is a global investment company, officially incorporated in the UK.

Our company was formed from professional Forex traders who are involved in the market analysis, online marketing and profitable trade with the best world brokers in the last few years. Extensive experience and analytical skills help Sonar Trade Limited to trade using not only its own assets, but also raised funds.

Trade experts of the company use basic currency pairs in the Forex and since 2015 are actively developing own strategy of behavior in the market. This strategy is set of certain rules which have low risk and include conservative intraday trade. Such strategy provides stable and risk-free profits for the company and its partners, and also allows us to fulfill all obligations, which are associated with timely payments to investors.

Our team of traders uses an integrated approach to the study of the market.

Each member of our staff is a qualified expert, most of our traders is a graduate of the prestigious English universities or specialized training courses for and analysts and traders of Forex market. The company's management is trying to continuously improve their knowledge, we hold regular seminars and meetings with professors of financial academies and colleges for exchange of experience and modern methods of trading. With each step taken, we are becoming stronger for ourselves and more attractive for professional traders.

The company technical department has put into practice unique software for multicurrency trading in automatic mode.

This helps us to track the movement of price charts, select the most optimal entries for Forex profits and maximize profitability. On the basis of this software, we have created an investment platform to receive investments in asset management and also for interaction with company clients who seek the most efficient use of their money and who want to get the best financial results.

Our Company is one of the fast growing companies worldwide.

We accept our investor around the world for stability Company. All activities of our company are aimed for ensuring general prosperity of all participants of the investment process - both company's investors and the company on the whole. Choosing Sonar Trade Limited , you should be fully aware that you choose the safest direction of investment and trust your funds in the hands of professional financial managers. registration